You Know Those Ads that Follow You Around the Web? Yeah, We Do That

Turks and Caicos Real Estate bannerRetargeting (or “remarketing”) is the process of reaching out or connecting with website visitors in the form of banner ads. For example, if someone visits a website and then leaves, our digital agency can create and serve banner ads to these website visitors anywhere on the Web. The purpose of this technique is to remind consumers of a company or a brand with the goal of rekindling their interest in making a purchase or contacting the business. Retargeting is one of the most powerful digital advertising techniques because it consistently generates top-of-mind awareness.
There are several ways and platforms to ignite retargeting campaigns; one of the most successful as far as improving conversion rates is dynamic remarketing, which involves showing online shoppers the items they left in their carts and didn’t purchase.

We Can Target Online Shoppers Who Abandoned Their Carts

Dynamic remarketing can be especially powerful for ecommerce websites. This technique allows advertisers to target online shoppers who have not yet made a purchase but were far along in the shopping process. For example, if an online shopper put an item in his or her basket and then decided not to buy it, our digital agency can serve ads containing that item to the shopper on the Web. This encourages online shoppers to follow-through with a desired transaction.

We Can Target Audiences Similar to Yours

A “like” or “similar” audience means an audience similar to the one that visits your website. Retargeting to “like” or “similar” audiences is the process of serving ads to a population similar to the one that has visited your website in the past. This technique is a great way to expand your website’s exposure and reach of your target demographic.

We Can Serve Your Ads to People Who Visited Specific Pages of Your Website

The beauty of segment retargeting is it allows you to serve ads to people who have only visited a specific portion of your website. For example, our digital agency has created and served pool table specific ads only to the people who visited the pool tables section of our client’s home recreation website, This is an effective form of narrow remarketing because it’s specific to people interested in a particular item, rather than people who have a general interest in your services.

We’ll Help You Find People Who Don’t Know You

Search retargeting is the process of serving ads to people who have never visited your website. For example, if you have a website that advertises cars and someone is searching for cars online but has never been to your website before, our digital agency can create and serve ads to that person in the hopes he or she will click on it to visit your website and perform a conversion. Search Retargeting is a great technique for building awareness about your product or service and expanding your company’s reach and exposure.

The process of Search Retargeting is very easy. Simply tell us some of the desired keyword searches you would like to target ads to, and we’ll help you build the list from there. This list of keywords will also incorporate negative keywords to ensure your ads don’t target people for undesirable keyword searches. Our creative team will then create various banner ads to be distributed on the web with your approval.

As always, our team will provide you with consistent reporting so that you’re always in-the-know of how your search retargeting campaigns are performing. This data will include information about your impressions, clicks, click-through-rates and more.

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