Maid Brigade Franchise
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    Maid Brigade – Houston, Texas Franchise

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    Home Service – Cleaning Franchise

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Maid Brigade Franchise

Maid Brigade is one of the leading franchise cleaning service businesses, servicing over 400 franchise territories across the United States and Canada and ranked a top franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine.

In 2016, the Houston, Texas franchise owner approached Hughes Media about their poor performing Pay-Per-Click campaign, which was being managed by a large agency, then moved back in-house. Knowing he didn’t have the time or resources to make the necessary improvements, he hired Hughes Media to help improve his cost of $80-per-lead and total leads of roughly 41 leads-per-month.


In 5 months, Hughes Media decreased Maid Brigade’s cost-per-lead by 50% and increased the number of qualified leads by 158%.


Strategies and Tactics Applied

• Restructured the Adwords account

• Increased the number of profitable keywords and negative keywords

• Altered the time of day when ads were displaying

• Adjusted bids by device

• Constantly reviewed for negative keywords

• Implemented a “Call Only” strategy within the appropriate ad groups

• Rewrote ad copy to make each one unique vs. the same copy for all ads

• Implemented “If” functions for ads (device-specific copy)

• Altered strategy for ad placement and position

• Removed high-cost, low-conversion keywords from the campaign

• Eliminated zip codes areas that were not performing

• Increased online scheduling conversions

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These guys are the Best! I have tried 3 other companies before finding Hughes, so some might consider me high maintenance. I have been blown away by the level of service and creativity delivered by Deedra, Valentina and the rest of the team. They really take the success of our business personal.

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