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How Professional Graphic Design Can Help Your Business

atlanta website designIn today’s business world, high-quality graphic design is essential for your company’s strategic marketing plan. There’s no question that good content is also important. But it’s the visual elements and graphics that grab your target audience’s attention, create an effective brand image for your product or service, and move the viewer to action. Without a professional graphic design, your marketing materials are not going to be nearly as effective.

This is especially true with digital marketing. Based on their social media content optimization survey, Adobe and Software Advice (provider of software reviews) report that visual images are the number one factor in determining whether or not digital content will be read. It doesn’t matter how helpful your information may be or how good your story is, few people will look at your social media posts or read your “About” page if you’re not using strong graphic elements. People want to see images, infographics and videos—not just written words—and these visuals need to be well thought-out and well-executed.

The fact is, the photos, background images, banners, color schemes, text styles, and other graphic elements you choose can make or break your marketing efforts, and have a huge impact on your bottom line. It goes without saying—a design that is poorly done won’t produce good results, and may even cast an unfavorable light on your business. On the flip side, enlisting the design services of a creative expert can do wonders.

When you hire a professional designer, your marketing materials will not only look great—the new graphics will also have a positive effect on your business. Here are five ways investing in professional graphic design makes good business sense:

  1. It helps establish credibility and professionalism. Whatever the platform—whether a website, banner ad, social media profile or electronic newsletter—consumers will judge a company based on the design of its marketing materials. This means even if your product or service is the best in the industry, if your website looks cheap or is poorly constructed, people won’t stick around long enough to find out what you have to offer. However, if you have a professionally-designed, high-quality website, that tells consumers your products will probably also be top-notch.
  2. You will better connect with your target market. A professional designer does the research to understand the demographics (“who” your buyers are) and psychographics (“why” they buy) of your target market and crafts the marketing materials accordingly. For example, promotion for a plastic surgery clinic might use calming colors and a clean, uncluttered design, while the website for a children’s clothing boutique might be busy, colorful and fun. Professional designers know the needs and desires of your target audience and how best to reach them.
  3. Information is delivered in a “user friendly” manner. You may have a lot of technical details to convey about your products or services. But chances are, it won’t be read if you put it in writing. The best way to share this information is visually. Professional designers know how to use charts, graphs, infographics, videos and other visuals to communicate information to your target audience in a such a way that it is easily viewed and assimilated.
  4. Your branding will be clearly and consistently applied across all communication channels. A graphic designer will use the same colors, typefaces and imagery in your website, newsletter, brochures, social media profiles, ads, etc., to create the same look in type of promotion. This makes the company’s marketing efforts instantly recognizable by consumers, which translates into brand recognition and sales.
  5. Good design converts visitors into customers. Your marketing materials not only “look” good, but they also entice, persuade, and direct people to engage more deeply with your company and respond in some way. For instance, when designing a website, a professional designer will incorporate call-to-action buttons that are likely to be clicked. When you are able to turn visitors to your website into customers, that is the ultimate indicator of an effective marketing design.

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Looking for creative design services? We’ve got you covered!

If you are looking for professional graphic design services, you need not look any further than Hughes Media. Our design staff is ready to meet any and all of your creative design needs. Whether your website needs a visual update or your company needs a complete re-branding, we can develop a design that clearly sets your company apart from the competition, gets your target market’s attention, helps convey a consistent and positive message, and builds your business.

Our creative capabilities range from creating invitations to developing amazing web designs. We offer a complete range of graphic design services including:

  • Landing page designs.
  • E-newsletters.
  • Print and web invitations for events, fundraisers or non-profit organizations.
  • Television and radio commercials.
  • Short videos of events, customer testimonials or product showcases.
  • JPG, GIF and animated GIF banner ads.
  • Artwork for digital display advertising.
  • Modern, responsive websites.
  • Social media marketing graphics.
  • And more.

To learn more about how we can help you with your graphic design needs, call us at 404-848-0487. Or, fill out our online contact form, and a Hughes Media representative will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you!