Hughes Media Volunteers At Atlanta Mission For Thanksgiving

Like many others, the Hughes Media team thinks it is important to reflect on what we are thankful for during this holiday season. Many of the things that we take for granted would be cherished by others who are less fortunate. That’s why Hughes Media has made a tradition out of volunteering at Atlanta homeless shelters before Thanksgiving, both to lend a helping hand and to help put our lives in perspective.

Each night, more than 10,000 people in the metro Atlanta area are homeless and hungry—40 percent are helpless women and children. While homeless shelters like Atlanta Mission are vigorously working towards lowering this statistic, there’s still a scarcity of beds available to house those in need. In the state of Georgia, there are over 58,000 children who are homeless and 42 percent of these children are under the age of six. Homeless children are twice as likely to be afflicted with moderate to severe health conditions as well as emotional problems.

One such shelter working to help women and children in the metro Atlanta area is the Atlanta Mission’s My Sister’s House. This shelter, located off Howell Mill Road, offers overnight shelter and residential discipleship programs for up to 264 women and children who are unable to afford housing. My Sister’s House also supplies their residents with counselors, job referral and training programs, medical and legal resources as well as assistance in finding affordable housing. Additionally, the shelter provides a fully developed childcare facility that is staffed with a certified behavior specialist and social workers.

The Atlanta Mission facilities across Atlanta have been working tirelessly towards helping others since 1938. The non-profit organization has served more than 880,109 meals and provided more than 298,358 nights of shelter to those in need. At least 738 individuals who stayed at the Atlanta Mission facility have ended their homelessness and are now able to support themselves. Additionally, they have assisted more than 487 people in finding employment to help sustain themselves.

The Hughes Media team volunteered at My Sister’s House on November 26 to help with the preparations for the big Thanksgiving meal the next day. Cooking special meals around the holidays is just one way that the shelter attempts to better the lives of those staying at the facility. During our time at the shelter, we served breakfast to women and children and helped prep for their Thanksgiving meal.

The Atlanta Mission facilities can always use more volunteers and donations. For information on how to donate or volunteer at the Atlanta Mission facilities, visit their website.