Laurie Eady

Laurie Eady oversees digital strategies and email marketing. She is highly effective in optimizing existing and new online marketing strategies for clients through email automation programs, management and development of promotions calendars, enhancement of website navigation tools, and more. Her strategies are customized, focusing on improving conversion rates and improving ROI for clients’ bottom lines.

Before joining Hughes Media 5 years ago, she helped grow from a startup to over $50 million in revenue, after which the company was bought by Her specialization in conversion rate optimization, customer experience, and development and growth of customer traffic and online sales, has equipped Laurie with extensive corporate and mid-sized business experience, a robust understanding of digital strategy, and a deep commitment to customer service.

Laurie is highly experienced in working with the following email marketing and ecommerce platforms: Coremetrics, SilverPop, MailChimp, Bazaar Voive, Mercado Merchandising, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Commission Junction, ShareAsale, WordPress, SLI-Systems, Fetchback, and Bronto. In addition to working with all of these platforms, she oversees software selection and developing software requirements for clients.

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