Valentina Huff

Valentina Huff, VP of Hughes Media


Valentina Huff oversees all client search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing projects. She is responsible for strategically promoting client websites through Google and Bing search engines. She manages a team of writers and technicians to ensure that clients are utilizing all available social media outlets including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more. Valentina is certified in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Due to the constant changes in the digital world, Valentina devotes over ten hours each month to continuing education to stay ahead of trends. Valentina made a drastic career change in 2011 from the psychology field to an advertising internship, which later landed her as a full-time employee at Hughes Media; her eight years of psychological studies have made her the ideal candidate for a job in marketing.

While at Presbyterian College, her studies of human behavior included student experiments based on Solomon Asch’s theory of how people’s social identities influence them to conform to their peers, even if they believe they are wrong.

In graduate school, she spent a semester researching and writing her Master Thesis on the thought process behind the decisions that people make. At Hughes Media, Valentina applies this experience to researching a client’s target audience and determining what makes consumers invest in particular products. Valentina graduated cum laude fromPresbyterian College with honors in her psychology major and sociology and English minors. She holds a Masters30+ with honors in counseling from the University of South Carolina. She was awarded membership to the International English Honor Society, the International Honor Society in Psychology, and the International Honor Society in Counseling. View my LinkedIn profile.