1 Tip to Drastically Improve Your Videos

We’ve all heard it before. Video marketing is on the rise and is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is crucial to be creating not just video content but great video content if you want to be competitive. The best way to improve the quality of your video is by investing a little extra time and creating a video script. Using this tool will improve the clarity of your message which in turn will give you the results you’ve been looking for.

What’s a Video Script?

A video script is a chronological written work that specifies the locations, actions, shots and dialogue of the video to be recorded later. It’s the blueprint of filmmaking. Think of it like an architect designing a building but without all the crazy math. You’re essentially creating a guide that will help you achieve your video’s goals.

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Before creating a video script, there are some questions you should answer: 

  1. What’s your budget? Knowing this will help you create realistic scripts without spending too much money.
  2. Who is your demographic? If you have a great idea for a video, make sure you know who you plan on reaching with it so that your efforts meet the market.
  3. What is the intention of the video? Is it to increase brand awareness or increase engagement? Is it to persuade people to buy a product or service? What is the goal of this video?
  4. What will be your video’s distribution channels? Outline where you plan on posting the video, i.e. across social media channels like Facebook.

Once you finalize the answers to these questions, the video script process can begin!

4 tips when creating a video script:

  • Think of a good story that builds interest – Stories are the best way to engage the viewer and keep their attention. Humans like conflict, emotions and empathizing with others. If you can give your story a narrative arc, setups and payoffs, people will watch it through the end!
  • Don’t be too wordy – Visuals speak louder than words. Try to keep your video short, focus on a single message and hook the viewer from the start.
  • Write the visual and audio elements – Doing so will clarify exactly what should be happening in the video. Outlining these elements in a table format is a great and easy way to do this!
  • Read it out loud – Read the script and try to visualize the video. And most importantly, keep writing until you are happy with the end result.

Oh, and one last thing!

If you’re still stuck, we will send you our video script template!

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