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Types of Programmatic Ad Strategies



Serve ads to people on their devices wherever they go – a conference, an event, even your competitors’ locations!



Create and serve messages specific to a hyper-focused location, such as a neighborhood community, through GPS and location-based technologies.



Keep your brand in front of your website visitors even after they’ve left your website. Audiences similar to your website visitors can also be reached this way.


Abandoned Shopping Carts

Have an e-commerce website? Target people who add your products to their carts and then leave the website without following through with their purchase.


Mobile Apps

Target your audience across various mobile apps and utilize in-app behavior to hone in on their preferences.



Serve ads in video format across websites or popular networks like Hulu and YouTube.

A Few Platforms We Love!

We Don’t Guess, WE KNOW Where To Find Your Audience

Targeting is crucial when it comes to programmatic advertising. We have the software, knowledge, experience and resources to know where your audience is hanging out online. That means your ads will be served to the right people so you get better qualified leads.

Some Examples of Our Programmatic Ads

Get Granular Data and ROI-Driven Results

Our ad platforms provide a variety of data on a granular level so you learn the details of your demographic and campaign’s results. These data points can include:

  • Ad performance based on days of the week, times of the day, zip codes and more
  • Audience interests and shopping behaviors
  • Devices where users started and devices where users converted…and more.

In addition, our agency has reps that belong to various programmatic advertising platforms that also provide intel into industry practices and trend forecasts. If you’re ready to put your brand in front of the right people, contact us today to learn more.

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