Hughes Media specializes in programmatic advertising through various advertising channels, primarily banner ads, on third party sites or search results pages. These targeted pages include Google search, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

Hughes Media designs effective banner ads designed specifically for these advertising channels. Then, we distribute these ads in purposeful venues depending on audience location, device, and other strategic options. Some of these methods are detailed below.

programmatic advertising

Ads That Follow You Around the Web

Remarketing reconnects a brand with past website visitors in the form of banner ads. For example, when someone visits a specific website and then leaves, Hughes Media creates and serves banner ads to these website visitors anywhere else they visit on the Web. This technique reestablishes contact between consumers and a company to rekindle interest in a product or service the business offers. One of the most powerful digital advertising techniques, remarketing generates top-of-mind awareness and consistently keeps a brand in front of consumers.

A similar tool, known as search remarketing, connects a company with new customers who have never visited its website but have searched for similar products. For example, company XYZ’s website advertises cars. A consumer is searching for cars online but has never been to XYZ’s website. Hughes Media develops and delivers XYZ ads to that consumer designed to capture a click, a website visit, and a converted sale. Search remarketing builds great awareness about your company’s products and services while expanding reach and exposure beyond your current market.

Ads That Target Abandoned Shopping Carts

Dynamic Remarketing reminds online shoppers about the items they placed in their carts but did not purchase. For example, an online shopper places an item in his basket and then leaves the site without completing the sale. Hughes Media will serve ads containing that item to the shopper on the Web. This tool effectively encourages online shoppers to follow-through with a desired transaction.

Ads That Target Audiences Similar To Yours

Consumers who haven’t yet found your website but possess characteristics similar to your frequent website visitors are considered a “like audience” or “similar audience.” Hughes Media can identify these consumers and send retargeting advertisements to them, bringing new customers to your website. This technique provides a fantastic means to expand your website’s exposure and reach more of your target demographic.

Ads That Target You Via Email Based On Your History

The beauty of segmented remarketing is it allows you to serve ads to people who have only visited a specific portion of your website. For example, Hughes Media created and served pool table specific ads to the people who visited only the pool tables section of our client’s home recreation website, Though Greater Southern provides many products in the home recreation arena, the targeted customers showed a specific interest in their pool tables. This narrow remarketing produces effective results because it matches people with their particular interests, rather than people who have a general interest in the broader services you may offer.

Ads That Target People With Certain Interests Or Job Titles

Hughes Media can pinpoint and target people with specific interests, like shopping or travel, to expand your customer base. We can also identify people who visit certain websites with topics related to their interests, such as repairing vehicles. With this information, we can then use our programmatic advertising expertise to generate more exposure for your company.

Ads That Target Specific Websites or Mobile Apps

We can choose specific websites for our targeted ads when desired. For example, if you wish to place your ad on, we can make it happen.

Ads That Target Specific Physical Locations

Geo-Fencing uses location-based data to target audiences. This marketing technique relies on a customer’s geographical location (hence the term) to initiate a strategic marketing opportunity. For example, Hughes Media can generate targeted ads on customers’ phones when they enter a competitor’s store. With the right messaging, we may be able to sway these consumers away from the competition and directly to you.

Programmatic Advertising Expertise Leads to Expanded Reach

Programmatic advertising continues to grow along with technology. If you need help keeping pace with the latest innovations and your competition, Hughes Media stands prepared to formulate and launch an effective marketing campaign designed specifically for you. Contact one of our specialists today to explore your digital marketing plan and how we can take your company to the next level of success.

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