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“Research shows that nearly 2 in 3 adults use social media. By not tapping into the potential of social media, marketing yourself to potential leads and customers becomes a lot more cumbersome.”
–Business 2 Community (2016)

Social media is one of the best ways for a business to generate leads, build brand awareness and connect with existing customers. And in today’s world, it’s not going away. If your business isn’t utilizing social media, chances are you’re missing opportunities to maximize sales and even client acquisition and retention.
Our social media strategists are young Millennials who utilize social media everyday, which makes them extremely knowledgeable about the different strategies, tools and ways to market our clients across various platforms. By choosing Hughes Media for social media marketing, you are choosing a team that is consistently in the know about what’s happening in the social media world. We continually research the latest social trends to stay up-to-date and relevant with our social audiences.

Depending on your target demographic, the social platforms we would utilize for your business will vary. We have experience marketing a variety of companies across the following channels:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• YouTube

We also specialize in niche-specific platforms, like Houzz and Hometalk. Our graphic designers will create shareable graphics and our copywriters will create top-notch copy so you’ll have all the social advertising covered from start to finish.

Our Process

If you want social media, here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll start by learning the ins-and-outs of your business, industry and the competition.
  2. We’ll research your target audience – who they are, what jobs they have, what their interests are, etc.
  3. We’ll create an annual social media calendar comprised of monthly themes, posts and interactions.

Everything we do is seen and approved by our clients prior to posting.

The Results

Our social media campaigns and efforts have resulted in an increase in:

  • Fanbase and followers.
  • Engagement/interaction.
  • Overall brand awareness.

Visit our case studies for specific examples.

Influencer Marketing

Compared to even a decade ago, we live in a very different world, where powerful advertising can be found among brand “influencers” on social media. An influencer (or “social influencer”) is someone who holds high credibility and authority by a large audience, thereby making impactful effects on their purchasing decisions. Hughes Media knows how to find the right influencers and brand ambassadors for your product that will utilize and market your product to their fanbase/followers.
Here are some influencer marketing statistics:
“70 percent of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities.”
–Google YouTube Generation Study (November 2015)

“86 percent of the most-viewed beauty videos on YouTube were made by influencers, compared to 14 percent by beauty brands, themselves.”
–Pixability 2016 Beauty Study

“On average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing.”
–Tomoson Influencer Marketing Study (2105)

We use various strategies with influencer marketing, including:

  • Connecting with social influencers to further enhance the presence of a brand.
  • Social media takeovers.
  • Giveaways.
  • Contests.
  • Live streaming videos for product reviews.

Social Media Ad Buying

“US digital ad spending will hit $72.09 billion in 2017, about 37 percent of total media ad spending.”

Ad buying on social media is a powerful way to reach large numbers of your target audience who aren’t aware of your brand. We have experience buying ads on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Here’s how our social media ad buying process works:

  1. We brainstorm, research and strategize what message will best speak to your target demographic. This research may also include figuring out what the competition is doing.
  2. Our creative department puts together clever creatives that are always approved by clients prior to distribution.
  3. Our social media strategists set up the campaigns and closely monitor to adjust as needed. A/B testing is also performed to ensure optimal results.

You May be Wondering…is Social Media Right for MY Business?

YES. Social media is not going away. It impacts every aspect of our world today. It’s often been said, “If you can’t beat em, join them.” That is so true when it comes to social media.

Still, you may be wondering exactly why you need social media. Here are a few good reasons:

  1. If you’re not doing it, your competition is. And that means losing out on opportunities to them.
  2. People use social media to stay engaged with your brand. Using social media as a way to spread your brand message to many people.
  3. Social media is a customer RETENTION tool, not so much an acquisition tool. It’s how people communicate nowadays.
  4. It’s important for SEO. As you increase your following on various social media networks, you build a large following of people who can share your content. You’ll be able to spread your online reach faster.

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