9 Life-Changing Lead Generators That Will Grow Your Business


Consumers are often willing to provide their contact information in exchange for content that will interest them. Here are some tried and true methods for obtaining valuable customer data:

#1 Email newsletters

Possibly the most common lead generator, email newsletters allow you to connect directly with potential customers and inform them about your products and news from your industry. By receiving consistent value in their inbox, your contacts will view you as a trusted expert.

#2 Free downloads

Position yourself as a subject matter expert through value-added material such as white papers or case studies that outline a topic of interest related to your business. By offering solutions for smaller-scale problems, your customers will grow to see you as a trusted, credible authority in your industry.

#3 Video courses, webinars, or tutorials

Educate your audience about a specific aspect of your business and simultaneously build a connection with them. Whatever topic you choose to cover, always incorporate the concept that your product or service is the ultimate solution to any challenges your target market may be facing.

#4 Online survey or quiz

People love to take online quizzes or provide their opinions. Ensure your interactive poll is engaging and relates directly to your business. For comprehensive reach, embed your quiz or survey on all your social media accounts in addition to your website.

#5 Free consultations or demos

Offering a complimentary consultation or strategy session allows you direct interaction with a potential customer. To guard your time, ask respondents to fill out an extensive consultation request form. You’ll find this process weeds out customers who are not truly interested.

#6 Trials and samples

Reduce inhibitions customers may have about your product by providing an opportunity to try it out. Testing your product can remove any barriers to purchase that may exist in a customer’s mind.

#7 EBooks

One of the most effective lead generators, eBooks are most often a “how to” guide of some kind. The idea is to offer your contacts some practical information that relates directly to your business. You can hire a freelance writer to write the book for you or build related blog posts into chapters for your eBook. When your eBook educates prospects and solves problems for them, they will look to you for future assistance.

#8 Whitepapers

Whitepapers are typically scannable pieces of content with an element of design. Similar to an ebook, the purpose of a whitepaper is to help educate your target audience about a product or service you offer.

#9 Infographics

These visually appealing and informative guides contain key information on a particular topic. They provide “digestible chunks” of information about a complex subject and guide the user through a complicated task. As a trusted resource to your contacts, you will grow in their eyes as a business partner as well.

Exactly which lead generator is right for your business depends on several factors. Your marketing goals, target audience, and specific product or service all play a role in determining the most effective digital strategy. The key to creating effective lead generation lies exists through understanding your target market’s daily problems, long-term challenges, and how to connect them with your solutions.

We at Hughes Media are prepared to assess the most effective and reliable lead generators to stimulate positive results for your business. Contact us today to initiate a conversation with one of our specialists in this aspect of digital marketing strategy.

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