Best Practices for Facebook Video Ads

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Are your facebook ads effective? Do you have an engaging social content strategy? Position yourself for social advertising success and follow the most trending best practices.

When in Doubt, Choose Video

Recent statistics show that companies are spending more money on video advertising online. Why would video ad dollars reach $20B by 2020? Because video ads work!

Studies have shown that consumers are spending more time watching video ads. In fact, 2017 documented a 19 percent increase in time spent watching ads over the prior year, and we can count on this trend to continue.

However, as more companies incorporate video ads, the more overload there can be on viewers. This saturation has reduced the click through rate (CTR) in general. Thus, it is important for you to capture attention in this competitive arena.

Armed with this knowledge,  it is now time to include compelling video ads in your online digital strategy. This blog post will help direct you in proven ways to streamline your efforts.

The Basics

Ad Length

The shorter, the better. In fact, Facebook limits video ad length to 15 seconds.

Quick Hitting

Even with a compacted length, the most effective ads will capture attention within the first three seconds as a user scrolls through their news feed. Three seconds happens to also be  the amount of time Facebook’s “autoplay” feature requires a user to watch a video for it to count as a “view”and boost your statistics to increase impressions.

Incorporate Perfect Loop Videos

Because perfect loop videos never seem to end, they are a perfect option for social media. It allows the interested viewer to continue engaging without the added step of pressing replay. There are several options for creating your own perfect loop video, including iMovie, Giphy, and other available software.

Silence is Not Deadly

The majority of videos viewed on Facebook (85 percent) are watched without sound. Accordingly, make use of effective captions in your videos.

Hip to Be Square

Using square videos (1:1) will garner 78 percent more real estate in a viewer’s mobile news feed than a landscape orientation (16:9). Research shows that the effectiveness of 1:1 ads exceeds landscape by 30-35 percent.

Hi Res Rules

With today’s technology, be sure your videos look their best with 720p or 1080p HD resolution.

Maximize Potential Through Testing Ads

With shorter ads as recommended above, come certain advantages. Because of their shorter length and lower cost, it is much easier to perform ad testing. Within any budget, it will be more efficient to produce four versions of a 15 second ad than four versions of a 30 second ad, allowing you to test for ad effectiveness.

This information will particularly affect your attempts to reach Millennials, a group who is especially perceptive about excessive mobile ad congestion. Be sure to test your ads and determine which is most powerful in reaching your targeted audience.

How is Your Facebook Video Ad Shaping Up? Let Us Help!

You may be like some of our clients who have developed cutting-edge Facebook ads that are generating size-able leads and building a following. Or, you may resemble other clients who’ve asked for our technical help in this area.

Either way, we can help refine or design a working blueprint for successful Facebook video ads. Our specialists are excited to connect and help you realize your potential in this emerging opportunity.. We have several clients who maximize their Facebook presence, including effective video ads, and attain less than $1 cost per click (CPC):

  • Georgia Highway Contractors Association — $0.17 CPC
  • Saratoga Event Group — $0.96 CPC
  • S&S Rug Cleaners — $0.11 CPC

Contact us today to engage our team and hone your advertising tools for optimized success.

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