Effective Holiday Engagement Strategies

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Of course, the most effective digital marketing strategies are planned well in advance and incorporated across the year. However, there is always the opportunity to insert and adjust plans as opportunities arise.

One of these opportunities is the holiday season. This year-end period can be a time to drive more sales, connect with customers, or simply build your brand. It all depends on what fits for your business and your goals. We at Hughes Media are grateful for all our partnerships and are excited to share some thoughts on how to make the most of this time.

No matter what tactics you employ this holiday season, be sure to make notes and plan next year’s holiday marketing strategy accordingly. Use this season to observe and develop strategies early so next year’s opportunities don’t sneak up on you.

Retail Strategies

It shouldn’t surprise us that customers frequent retail shops with 30 percent more frequency during the Black Friday to Christmas period than they do for the remainder of the year. However, there are some surprising statistics that may affect how we approach these shoppers.

It turns out that all shopping days during the holiday season are not equal. The closer we get to the holidays, the more foot traffic increases. In fact, most shoppers, on average, visit more stores the day before Christmas than on Black Friday. For those in the retail area, consider some adjustments to your communications and promotion schedule to maximize returns the two weeks prior to Christmas Day.

Additionally, most shoppers shop closer to home during the holiday shopping season than they do during the remainder of the year. Nearly all retail categories and demographics are affected by this statistic. This may mean that consumers are looking for convenience when checking their shopping lists, allowing businesses to capitalize on their proximity to meet their customers’ needs.

As with all communications, take advantage of any opportunities by providing the right message at the right time. Consider when people will be engaging their shopping lists and time your communications to bring customers to you by keeping your business in the front of their minds as you can provide solutions to their shopping needs.

Marketing Opportunities In and Out of Retail

In and outside of the retail sector, this season is a fantastic time to build relationships and enhance your company’s image in the minds of your customers.

Authentic messaging – In all your communications, and especially at this time of year, be sure the language you use in your communications is sincere and will enhance your customer relationships. Focusing on sales and transactions may turn away some people. This season is a great time to capitalize on stories and nostalgia – people love to feel good and be reminded of good times. Consider storytelling messages that highlight your focus. Caterers might focus on increasing time families can spend together by relieving them of the stress of cooking. A fitness company may provide relaxed holiday exercise schedules to help customers keep some form of routine while spending time with family during the holidays. It’s ok to communicate who you are; just be sure to remain authentic.

Share Live or Recorded Video – As video marketing grows in popularity, take this opportunity to communicate with your audience in a unique way. It may be a special promotion that includes a testimony of how one customer’s holiday will be special because of your product/service. Or, it may be a simple message about how grateful you are for the year leading up to the holidays and sharing happy employees saying “Thank you” to your clients. Your goal may not be increased sales in this case, but deeper relationships.

Partner with a Partner – Are there any companies that you work well with — who enhance what you do? Consider a joint message from the two of you. A holiday message from your two companies can spread both of your brands to a wider audience by combining your marketing lists. This concept is a tremendous way to share in the cost of a promotion while expanding its reach to a closely related customer base.

Make it Work for You

Whatever strategies you employ this holiday season, be sure you don’t miss out on connecting with your customers and strengthening your relationship. If you’re having trouble finding the right tactics or how to generate the right messaging, let one of our specialists help you devise a unique strategy to capture momentum this holiday season for a strong finish to this year and early success in 2019.

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