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Hughes Media has been doing SEO since 2000. We have the knowledge and experience of which SEO tools are best to use, and best of all which ones are FREE. We want to give you the top 6 free SEO tools to help you generate the results you desire in terms of clicks, conversion rates, and most importantly, revenues. Of course, having the right tools at your disposal makes all the difference.

As you begin to employ these in your plan, let us know how they work for you. We value the chance to add your feedback to our notes.

Free SEO Tool #1 provides lead generation, sales intelligence, and market share data through access to a database of more than 27,000 web technologies and more than a quarter billion websites. BuiltWith enables users to glean which sites use shopping carts, analytics, hosting, and more. You can optimize results with filters for location, traffic, etc.

Free SEO Tool #2

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) – allows you to optimize your website visibility through a variety of functions and data including indexing status and search queries used by people to locate your website. Google Search Console may also be used to identify page speed, accidental blocked pages (robots.txt), errors in your page’s site map, and more.

Free SEO Tool #3

Bing Webmaster Tools – similar to Google Search Console but allows users to add their websites to the Bing index crawler and optimize these sites in Bing. While many people try to optimize their websites for Google alone, it’s also a smart idea to optimize for Bing as well. Many computers have Bing as the default search engine on their browsers, so don’t forget to pay attention to the ranking factors for Bing as well.

Free SEO Tool #4 – protects your website from plagiarism through the ability to search for similar text content on other websites. Unfortunately, some people take shortcuts when creating web content and steal language developed by others. This useful tool ensures that your content remains truly yours.

Free SEO Tool #5 – duplicates some of Copyscape’s functionality but adds features such as identifying broken links and creating an XML sitemap.

Free SEO Tool #6

Google Page Speed Insights – provides page speed information so you can make your site faster if

In addition to the free sites above, we have found the following SEO tools to be amazingly effective and highly advise you invest in them to improve your SEO research.

Paid SEO Tool #1 – Software providing data for SEO and search analytics. Knowledge gathered includes website traffic information, keywords, ad copy, and pay per click information. All this intelligence can be helpful when analyzing your site and the sites of your competition.

Paid SEO Tool #2 (formerly Advanced Web Ranking) – SEO software producing your website’s ranking for keywords on various devices across the globe. You can also connect your website to multiple platforms to take advantage of synced data such as Website Analytics, Social Media Metrics, etc. For more information and pricing (a free 30 trial is available):

Paid SEO Tool #3

SEO PowerSuite – SEO software delivering link analysis, keyword research for insight and ranking information, on-site SEO suggestions, and more. Packages are designed to improve SEO rankings to outperform your competition, generate more leads and sales, speed your SEO and improve efficiency. A free/trial version is available at

Paid SEO Tool #4

Readable – Helps determine your site’s readability and create strong, powerful copy to grab people’s attention. For website content and SEO, your writing should rank on par with a 5th grader. Readable provides a gauge for your writing level and also analyzes your text for keyword density. For additional information and pricing:

We appreciate the chance to share these SEO tools with you and expect you will witness positive results as you implement them into your strategy. As your experience with them grows, we look forward to learning how they helped you particularly so we can share your success with others.

As we can be of any assistance to you as you incorporate these tools to gain a competitive advantage, we are always standing by to provide a consultation and analysis of the most effective means of application to your specific need.

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