How We Use AI For Our Marketing Efforts

What is AI Marketing?

Simply put, AI marketing applies something called “machine learning” toward the achievement of marketing goals. Rather than human reasoning, AI marketing leverages customer data and mathematical algorithms to anticipate customers’ needs and enhance the customer experience.

Artificial intelligence offers a way to organize large data sets and make use of it in quicker time. By providing information that allows marketers to plan efficiently and early, AI helps marketers become proactive planners instead of reactors.

Artificial Intelligence can speed up several different areas of marketing and can free up the time of marketers, so you can get more quality time invested in actual strategy instead of tedious tasks.

A few areas AI marketing can contribute to include the following:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As of right now, Google AdWords and Facebook get the majority of companies’ pay-per-click budgets. Marketers utilize AI for PPC because AI discovers new advertising channels and helps optimize the targeting for your ads. This means, by gathering this information, AI will help make sure your ads are getting to the proper people and save you money while providing a high click-through-rate.

Provide Quick Customer Insights

AI creates algorithms that can provide information about customers like:

  • psychographic factors
  • purchase information
  • referral source
  • Geo-specific events

Marketers can take this information and use it to create more targeted ads, send customized email newsletters, and essentially optimize all content to be more personalized for customers.

Better User Experience

Artificial intelligence can make a customer’s website experience better. By looking at information like device, location and demographics, AI evaluates all the data and displays the content that will be the most relevant to the user. By doing this, customers are more likely to find what they are searching for and return to the site for more information.

Content Creation

With natural-language automation, AI has the ability to create content for marketers. The copy will have human-like qualities to it because of the rules and data insights AI gathers based on previously written content. Content created by AI allows for customers to find more relevant information on a product/service and frees up time for marketers. This help creating content allows marketers, like the team at Hughes Media, to spend more time strategizing and optimizing campaigns so you can meet your business goals quicker.


For marketers, it is often difficult to have someone constantly available to connect with people sending chats on clients’ websites. AI provides easy personalized chat responses which makes users happy because they get fast responses that are customized to them.  Having a chatbot is essential to keep current customers happy and gain new customers.

Through the efficiencies attained by AI, processes speed up and accuracies improve when analyzing tremendous volumes of data. This, in turn, generates stronger results for you, our client. According to Business Insider, only half of marketers are taking advantage of this innovative approach.

It is the hope that in the future, AI will be able to take over most of the time consuming tasks, so marketers have more time to focus solely on you and your goals.

How Hughes Media Employs AI Marketing

Through these AI processes, we increase the potential customer pool for your business. We employ several techniques in this marketing including pay-per-click, programmatic advertising, and even social media advertising. Through our paid advertising campaigns and software systems, we exploit machine learning algorithms that help identify the following:

  • Audiences SIMILAR to your own for a broadened marketing landscape
  • Devices that produced the most conversions
  • Cross-device conversion comparisons (e.g., a customer began exploring your business on a phone but ended up converting to a sale via desktop computer)
  • Above-the-fold vs. below-the-fold ad performance
  • User behavior – times of the day, days of the week and user locations that yielded the most powerful results
  • Details on demographics (e.g., stats for males vs females, stats for different age groups, etc.)

Programmatic ad buying companies like ours compile relevant audience data for a more precise marketing effort.  With the real time results offered through AI marketing, we appropriate your marketing resources toward the best solutions and the most likely convertible audience to achieve your marketing goals.

Take the Next Step

Let us at Hughes Media ensure you profit from the most advanced technologies and systems in digital marketing. With our use of artificial intelligence, we remain competitive in the digital marketing industry, and we plan to continue to use the newest technology to help you accomplish all your marketing goals.

Our specialists are ready to help you evaluate your current digital strategy and design a blueprint to incorporate AI marketing. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

About the Author:

Deedra Hughes

Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Pay Per Click (PPC). Strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Communications from Ohio University.

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