Cumberland Academy of Georgia Testimonial

cumberland academy of georgia testimonial

Video Transcript:
So I was fortunate in 2007 to start a school – Cumberland Academy of Georgia. My name is Debbie Scarborough, and I’m the headmaster and founder of Cumberland Academy of Georgia. We are a school here in Sandy Springs for high-functioning Autistic students, as well as students with ADD and ADHD students. We really work with kids fourth through twelveth grade.

When I first started I started with one student, which was my son. There was a need for this kind of school, so that’s why I took a big leap of faith and opened it. So I needed to build it. The only way I could build it was by getting out name out there and I had no reputation, I had no name,  I just knew I was going to hire the best around me, and the only real way to get my name out there was through the internet.

I was fortunate enough to be familiar with Hughes Media and especially Deedra Hughes. So we’ve now been in business twelve years, this is our twelfth year, were SACS accredited we have over 100 students and we’re thriving. We get most of our contacts through the internet, through our SEO because were optimized. When you pull up special ed, when you pull up autism, when we pull up Aspergers, any of the keywords that weve chatted with Hughes Media about, we pull right up.  So, that’s extremely important, and that’s where our leads come in! I’ll come in in the morning and I’ll see how many contacts we’ve received from the night before. And it’s a constant stream of new potential students for us.

We’re so grateful for what they’ve done for our school in order to be able to build it to the size we are today, and we continue to use Hughes Media not only for SEO but also for our press releases, they get involved in our website. They do so much for us. They’re involved with our fundraisers, even as detailed as the invitations and really being sure that we keep our brand and keep strong to our brand, so we are grateful for that relationship and how they have really been a huge factor in how we have been able to grow to this size.

So thank you Hughes Media! I can only say that for someone who is starting a business or someone who wants to grow a business, that you need to understand what SEO is, and how important it is to make sure your website is optimized and that once they get to it, it’s  able to be able to move around in a way that is user friendly so you can get the most out of your website. Thank you again Hughes Media .

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