Voice Assistants Are Changing How We Search

With the rise of voice assistant technology – Alexa, Google, etc. – the opportunity for new marketing avenues increases as well. Traditionally, visual ads stimulate the eyes and the brain through appealing images that relate a product’s brand.

As users rely more and more on voice search in the midst of activities, most popular including driving, cooking and exercising, companies are beginning to understand the untapped potential available; in this way, savvy marketers will be able to connect with consumers precisely when they prefer without requiring an interruption in activity.

Research shows that when people conduct online research for consumables, such as recipes, more than 80 percent of the researchers purchase the brand named in the recipe. These findings indicate the tremendous probability to influence purchases through voice assistant marketing. For these reasons, James Thompson, chief marketing officer of Diageo in North America suggests voice is the “search of the future.”

The Players

Currently, Amazon’s Alexa leads the voice assistant industry. However, other players are emerging and gaining ground on the most recognized assistant. Google Home commanded approximately 40 percent of voice-activated devices sold in the U.S. during the last holiday season, its largest proportion yet. Certainly, other technology innovators will be introducing new choices as this market expands.

New Thinking

One challenge in this new arena will be in translating traditional visual advertising to audible-only marketing. Think of the hospitality industry, where hotels, resorts, and restaurants have depended largely on video and photographic images to portray their services. Implementing voice search responses to convey these brands will require tremendous skill in word imagery. Where banner ads and videos have driven the latest online marketing surge, we can project a shift toward creatively crafted voice advertisements in the near future.

Companies’ ability to connect with users through voice marketing will uncover the benefits of a more personalized search. After all, we are all comfortable speaking with one another; and this method allows all generations to conduct online research with equal skill.

Keep Up with This Trend to Stay Ahead of the Curve

As voice search grows, some industries and companies will naturally benefit sooner than others. We at Hughes Media encourage you to keep current with this trend – and all marketing innovations – to take advantage of your opportunities before your competition.

Contact one of our specialists to explore how voice assistant search will add to your digital strategy. We can also analyze your current plans and recommend areas for improvement. Let our team design a stronger blueprint for success while you focus internally on growing your business. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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