What Is Schema Markup & Why Is It Important for SEO?

In the world of SEO, there is hardly anything that remains static. What is deemed as the latest SEO technique now is likely to become outdated soon. Schema markup is now being touted as a useful means to let your website stand out in the crowd of competitors. The top SEO companies in Atlanta keep updating their SEO strategies to suit evolving algorithm requirements.

What Is It?

Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary used in SEO, and it is also described as the microdata of a website’s content. It is augmented to the HTML used in web pages so that the search engines can read the content easily, and the site ranking gets a boost. The search engines then interpret this information and display relevant results to the web users based on their online queries.

Schema.org was created by a collaboration between internet tech giants like Google, Yahoo!, Yandex, and Bing. The aim was to offer users a more convenient way to determine website content at a glance. Schema.org provides markup for many kinds of content, which can be inserted in XML, and XHTML content.

How to Deploy Schema Markup in Your Site Content

Deploying schema markup in website content is not difficult. Veteran SEO professionals and web developers study schema documentation and then use manual coding to infuse it into existing HTML content. However, it is also possible to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.

Importance of Schema Markup in the Realm of SEO

Schema markup is quite important from an SEO perspective, and the best SEO company in Atlanta understands it is impossible to overlook its potential. To maximize results, it is crucial to learn its benefits.

  • By using schema markups in website content, your site pages become more enticing and engaging as well as informative through the use of snippets and images. This enhances the prospect of users clicking on the results. Accordingly, websites with schema markup can receive a better ranking.
  • Using schema markups can be beneficial for nearly all types of companies. However, this can be especially beneficial for local businesses. They can clarify the offerings better to their target users.
  • With specific markup used in the content, the search engines can interpret and understand your business type and services better. For example, by offering schema markups in the site content, you can specify whether your company sells herbal FMCG products or chemical-based ones. This streamlines the process for all parties.
  • Schema markups can be useful when you have an upcoming event and want local target buyers to easily know about it. Structured data is useful to provide accurate information on organizations, persons, places, products, restaurants, movies, software applications, etc.
  • By using schema markup, you can showcase business details in SERPs. These include logos, contact numbers, social media accounts, customer care numbers, and so on. This attracts more users to your website.


The SEO industry is extremely competitive, and using schema markup proves to be advantageous in many aspects. Accordingly, we highly recommend you employ it in your site content. If you are seeking a reliable service provider who knows and understands the details of schema markup, Hughes Media, Inc. is a name you can trust. Call us today at 404-848-0487 for more details.

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