What You Should Know About LinkedIn Video Ads

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Did you know that 64% percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos? Video content is being watched more than ever before which is why LinkedIn is now incorporating video ads into its feed. Auto-playing videos significantly increase website traffic and generate more leads.  If you or your company are focused on B2B targeting, using LinkedIn video ads as a tool increases your potential to successfully capture your target demographic. 

LinkedIn has over 575 million users, most of whom are business experts ready to hear your brand message and take action upon it. Advertising on LinkedIn can be more expensive than other platforms. However, this is because it is possible to create custom target audiences on LinkedIn by choosing certain characteristics such as a person’s job title, work status, and industry. 

What Practices Should You Follow?

There are many important practices to follow when using LinkedIn video ads:

  • You should include the most important part of your brand message in the first 10 seconds to capture your audience’s attention. 
  • Consider including subtitles in your video ad because a large number of users choose to watch video ads on silent. 
  • Always include a call-to-action, giving your audience direction on what steps to take next. 
  • Try and keep videos under 30 seconds, but it is important to test the same videos with different lengths. 
  • Ultimately, make sure you always measure your success to see which video clips are getting more rates and reactions. 

What Elements Should You Include In Your LinkedIn Video Ad? 

You want your audience to view your video in its entirety. In order to achieve this goal, there are 4 elements you should always include when creating your video clip:

  • Hook: Your hook is what is going to “hook” your audience in and capture their attention in the first few seconds. 
  • Opportunity: Make sure your audience is aware of your brand’s opportunity. 
  • Benefit: Include how your brand or product will benefit your buyer. 
  • Call-To-Action: Your call-to-action will ask your buyer to take the next steps, including driving them to your website and social platforms. 

What Is The Objective Of Your LinkedIn Video Ad?

 Your LinkedIn video ads need to have a main objective. It must either be to build brand awareness or to convert viewers into leads. 

If you are creating a video ad with the objective of building brand awareness, you need to share your brand’s story and consumer success stories within the clip. 

If you are creating a video ad more on the lines of conversion, you should consider including a product demo and an event preview in your clip.

Keep It Professional and Let Us Help! 

 Keep in mind that LinkedIn is built for professionals, so it is important to have high-quality content to represent your company. At Hughes Media, we have expert videography services that will ensure your brand’s message gets across to your target audience properly. Contact us today to set up a consultation and let our experts help you with your LinkedIn video ad strategy!


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