Video Should be Your Company’s #1 Priority

In 2022, video traffic will account for 82% of all traffic.

A transformative shift in the way digital platforms and marketers interact has been activated. Not only have marketers responded to video marketing trends, but platforms are evolving to become more video-friendly. The frequency and quality of video content created and released has risen beyond what was predicted at the beginning of 2018. By leveraging video on websites, social media, and other platforms, brands have increased engagement numbers and captured the attention of target audiences. Because of the increased engagement video content typically generates, Hughes Media encourages businesses to post at least one video a month.


We Gravitate towards Convenience

It is well known the digital sphere is straying away from long-winded blogs and redirecting its focus to aesthetically pleasing graphics, animated gifs and videos. Consumers want digestible content they can easily scroll through during their busy days. Video marketing is your company’s opportunity to win their attention.

SEO <3’s Video

Video is not only more likely to generate increased audience engagement, but it also boosts search engine optimization (SEO). By uploading videos as banners or as additional content on your webpage, visitors are more likely to remain on your site for longer time periods. In addition, Google ranks videos on search results as well as websites. By posting videos to YouTube, Vimeo or other video platforms, your company will take up more real estate on the search engine’s first page. To ensure people searching find your video, make sure to include good keywords in the title and description, add keyword tags and transcribe your video when applicable.

Build Trust, Start a Conversation, and Engage

Whether you embed a video on your site, organically post on social media, or share as a Facebook ad, Instagram ad, or LinkedIn ad, people are more likely to respond and engage with a video than a regular text post. This engagement increases your brand awareness and gives your company an opportunity to display its personality and core values in an animated way.

Types of Videos To Use

Mixing up the type of videos you produce is an important consideration when incorporating video into your company’s digital strategy. This includes:

  • High-end production videos to demonstrate your services/products, introduce your team, etc. These are mostly likely the ones your company should display on your site.
  • Testimonial videos. People would rather view a sincere, original video review of a company than read a long paragraph edited to perfection. These videos do well on both websites and social media.
  • Organic videos for social media. Not every video has to be a big production. People enjoy seeing authentic videos on Instagram and Facebook. You can post these to your company’s feed, post as a story, or go live. This gives your company a personality and allows your audience to feel personally connected with your team.

Remember, not every video needs to be ad-like. Most audiences appreciate genuine glimpses at a company’s culture.

At Hughes Media, we offer a variety of video production services. If you are interested in incorporating this crucial digital marketing tactic to your company’s strategy but don’t know where to start, please contact us today.

About the Author:

Deedra Hughes

Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Pay Per Click (PPC). Strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Communications from Ohio University.

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