Georgia Highway Contractors Association
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    Georgia Highway Contractors Association

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    Job website for contractors to recruit qualified applicants for the state of Georgia

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    Social Media

Georgia Highway Contractors Association

Thanks to new legislation, the state of Georgia launched a huge highway construction program to build and repair roads all across Georgia. As a result, hundreds of highway construction jobs are being created.

In 2017, Hughes Media was approached to create a marketing strategy to drive qualified traffic to a new and very niche website that had absolutely no traffic or visibility. The marketing manager needed an expert in social media ad buying and creative development. Enter Hughes Media to formulate and execute a comprehensive social strategy.


In 1 year, Hughes Media increased advertising click-through-rate by 166% and decreased cost-per-click by 63%. In addition, after implementing the tracking code on the website to track the number of times people clicked on contractor contact links, we saw an increase in the contractor contact links by 127%. 9,000 clicks were made on those contractor contact links, which increased traffic to their individual websites and exposure to their brands. As a byproduct of the very successful campaign, more contractors have joined the association so they can be listed on the website.

Strategies and Tactics Applied

  • Discovered that Facebook was the most powerful tool to recruit the most qualified applicants, which are young males in Georgia that need a job or are looking to make a switch.
  • 0 - 2,029 Facebook likes for a very small niche site
  • Implemented and tested various types of advertising - local and regional, video testimonials, job fairs, texting ads, animation, and quizzes to drive traffic.
  • YouTube videos generated a lot of engagement. Hughes Media monitored and interacts with all comments in a timely fashion.
  • After 2 seasons the decision was made to shift spend from Adwords to Facebook as it was the more effective in producing results

Your Future Employees Are On Facebook

In fact, over 20,000 visits to the website came from Facebook, which is more than 65% of the website traffic.

In addition, we received over 2,900 interactions/engagements with our content and over 100 Facebook messages regarding jobs.

For both job fairs, our campaigns generated 236,794 impressions and 1,516 clicks to the website and registration form.

Visiting the Job sites

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Social media was the fuel that drove people to the website. Without Hughes Media’s social media efforts, people would never have found

Katherine Taylor
Marketing Manager
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