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    Mat Tech Inc.

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    Atlanta, GA

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    Website, Pay-Per-Click

Selling Industrial Logo Mats Nationwide

Mat Tech Inc. ran Google Adwords campaigns for 6 months with 0 orders made.

Being a certified Google Partner, Hughes Media created, implemented and monitored Google Adwords campaigns for Mat Tech, and in 6 months it generated immediate sales across the Southeast.


Streamlined User Experience:

After a deep analysis of, Hughes Media hypothesized that the reason for lack of orders when the client ran Adwords for 6 months was a result of a poorly designed website and user experience. Hughes Media decided to test this hypothesis by creating a microsite,, and creating an Adwords campaign for this microsite. The Adwords campaign quickly produced orders and leads within a matter of weeks.

Targeted Pay-Per-Click Strategy

The pay-per-click strategy that was utilized for the microsite was an Adwords campaign. We created, monitored and adjusted search ads targeting people in the southeast looking for logo mats. We also ran a RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) campaign, which produced an even greater conversion rate than the search campaign.


After implementing and optimizing the Adwords campaign for several months, Hughes Media saw a 48% increase in the campaign’s click-through-rate, a 20% decrease in cost-per-click, a 1000% increase in conversions (orders and leads), and 86% decrease in cost-per-conversion or cost-per-lead.

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